Bathroom Vanities

Here at Anne Marie Design Studio we love to help our clients create beautiful bathrooms! This can be achieved through the thoughtful selection of cabinetry, tile, lighting, plumbing fixtures, hardware and decor.  


The starring role can be played by any of those items but the foundational piece is usually the cabinetry.  The choice of cabinetry will not only inform the style of the bathroom but will also pull

all of the other elements together.

Many of us are used to bathroom vanities that sit on the floor and have drawers and doors.  This mainstay of many bathrooms can be a chameleon depending on the door,  drawer and trim styles.


Another style of vanity that can bridge many styles is a vanity on legs.  Depending on how tall the legs are you have a wonderful opportunity to style the lower shelf area with towels or baskets, more than making up for any lost space inside the cabinet.


The vanity that does not get much attention in the St. Louis area, but is the perfect choice for some bathrooms, is the floating vanity.This style is primarily used in transitional and more modern spaces.  It is a wonderful way to visually enlarge a small bathroom.  Also, since more of the wall and floor is exposed you can be very playful with the materials around the vanity.



We look forward to the opportunity to help choose a vanity that is perfect for you!





Blessings, Anne Marie