How Much Does a Kitchen Cost?

You have done your homework, watched lots of HGTV, looked at Pinterest and other media sites. Now you are ready to remodel your kitchen. So how much will your kitchen cost? You may have a dollar amount in mind based on things you have seen or read.


One thing to keep in mind when setting your budget based on media information is that depending on the region in which you live, labor and material costs can vary widely. This is due to many different factors – just like housing prices are very different whether you live in Los Angeles, California or Louisville, Kentucky. Here are some examples from those areas

Costs for a kitchen renovation Los Angeles, California

  • Low-end kitchen: $30,000$40,000 for 200 square feet with budget-friendly finishes
  • Mid-range kitchen: $76,000 and up
  • High-end kitchen: Projects on the higher end of the scale can tally up to more than $150,000


Costs for a kitchen renovation St. Louis, Missouri

  • Low-end kitchen remodels can start at $25,000 – $35,000
  • Mid-range kitchen remodels can be in the range of $50,000 – $75,000
  • High-end kitchen: $90,000 – $150,000




Here is a basic breakdown of factors that go into creating a remodeling budget for a kitchen.





As you can see there are many different items included in a remodel budget. Stock kitchen cabinets vs semi or fully custom, countertop materials, granite, quartz, quartzite or wood all have different price points. The layout of the space, are walls being moved or removed, is the plumbing and electrical being moved? Then there are the design creep questions, now that you are doing the kitchen does the laundry room or powder room come into play? All of these will impact the final quote for the new build or remodel.


I hope this helps to begin to understand some of the factors that go into a kitchen remodel quote and how everything that is selected can lead us to a very different end point.


Your home is one of your greatest assets, your sanctuary and where you create fabulous family memories. It deserves thoughtful deliberation, and the careful balance of budget and design.