Kitchen Envy

Have you ever been looking through magazines, watching HGTV or going on a house tour and see a kitchen that stops you in your tracks?   It is perfect, clean, and beautiful.

You think I want that kitchen! Then you go home and look around your  kitchen and it just falls flat, you just want that kitchen, but in your heart you know that your kitchen does not have that kind of space, and you do not have that budget.


But you still dream of having that kitchen.

That my friend is kitchen envy!  Most everyone has been there and it can make us a little disappointed in what we do have, or how our family really lives in our kitchen.  I feel your pain, but I also have an answer!  


Here at Anne Marie Design Studio we flip that envy into Kitchen Inspiration That even sounds better doesn’t it.  I love to see those photos you have been clipping or Pinterest boards you have been making.   I then take those images and work to create not a replica of the inspiration photo, but a new, unique, beautiful kitchen that has elements of the inspiration and reflects you, your family, and elevates how you really live.  Doesn’t that sound great!?!


These are just a few examples of kitchens that are different sizes, yet each beautiful in its own distinct way.

Let me help you to create the kitchen of your dreams!



Anne Marie