Marie Kondo and Kitchen Organization

Becoming more organized is a goal that most of us share but if you’re anything like me, the desire exists but finding the time and energy to carry it out is in short supply.

I have been following Marie Kondo, the latest guru of home organization, through articles, blog posts, and now her tv show. Her approach to the items we own is not based on shame but on love and joy, which I have to say is quite refreshing. The idea of keeping your counters clear of clutter, using vertical storage, having dish soap & supplies under the sink, etc and then giving each item a definite home are goals worth accomplishing.

When it came time to remodel my kitchen, I knew that the layout and cabinet planning were crucial in making the space look beautiful and more functional. Using the Decora cabinet line allowed me to incorporate rollouts, divided drawers, a coffee station and other features that fulfill the organizational goals I had set. Everything is now off the counter and has its own designated location.

Now, I’m able to see exactly what I own without digging through deep shelves with everything stored higgly piggly. Little things, such as cooking, have become much more enjoyable. My kitchen has now become a place of beauty, respite, and relaxation.

Grey cooking pot on stove