My Favorite Cabinet Color

Let’s talk about painted cabinets – really let’s talk about my new favorite color for cabinets.


A rich dark peacock green!  I have even found several colors that depending on your light will give you the same effect. 


All of these colors are from Sherwin Williams;
Olympic Range SW7750
Rookwood Shutter Green SW2809
Jasper SW6216
Still Water SW6223


Doesn’t this kitchen just draw you in?  The dark green of the cabinets is such a sophisticated pop with the natural wood tone of the accent cabinetry!!  Since this green is neither masculine or feminine it is a color that will appeal to most people.




Like a chameleon this shade of green can bridge so many design styles sleek contemporary, transitional, farmhouse, industrial, cottage or traditional it has something for everyone.Here are some fantastic combinations to help you imagine how my favorite color may also become yours!