Laclede Avenue

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Laclede Avenue

Photography by Nicole Miget Photography

These competitive bicyclists desired a larger, more efficient space. This small 1912 kitchen did not afford this couple the luxury of a comfortable and functional gathering space within their own home. His style was rustic, earthy, and urban, and hers was clean and fresh. Anne got to work to brainstorm,design, and bring their imagination to fruition.

Project Summary

Though great at drafting, this couple needed our help with design and implementation. We removed all interior walls to quadruple the kitchen size, but kept a large, beautiful beam originating at the 1904 World’s Fair! Channeling this beam for inspiration, we worked closely with the couple to curate a space they’d both love. Accommodating their differing tastes, we used a hybrid cabinet design to tie rustic and earthy into fresh and clean.

Materials Used

Dura Supreme rustic cherry wood on hood, sink and island Shaker door is diamond white