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Photography by Nicole Miget Photography

This newlywed couple wanted their Tillis park adjacent property to reflect their personalities. Built with and designed, Constantly on-the-go, they desired an efficient space capable of accommodating their travel and busy lifestyle. They imagined expanding into their unused hearth room with additional seating for their future family.

Project Summary

To create their dream space, she knocked out the wall between their hearth room and kitchen, added an island, and doubled their seating. We used old-world style with a modern flair to reflect their young professional personalities. White and gray cabinets and stainless steel appliances were the bow on top for their personalized aesthetic. Prior to the remodel, they never utilized their kitchen for cooking. Now it’s their favorite hobby together!

Materials Used

Granite countertops, black suede on perimter, glazo painting, stained island, travertine backsplash.