Shower Glass –  The Finishing Touch


Here at Anne Marie Design Studio I am always trying to help my staff understand all of the ins and outs of the materials that we use.  To that end I scheduled a meeting with our custom glass and mirror provider.  Boy did we learn a lot – even this gal who has been around the block so to speak!



When thinking about keeping water contained in the tub or shower the method many of us grew up with was a shower curtain.  While shower curtains still do their job admirably,  and are quite affordable, people wanted more –

                                           Yesteryear glass door ——–>

The next advance became the shower door – remember these?  This type of fully framed door, often with some type of obscure glass made an entrance and many people jumped on the bandwagon – no more washing the curtain, having a rusty curtain rod, or people who forget to put the liner in the shower or tub.   Many felt that this was an improvement but somehow did not quite provide any real beauty to the bathroom space.

Today’s shower doors make a quiet statement in the bathroom by being a supporting player – visually expanding the space and allowing the beautiful tile and other fixtures to shine.

Shower doors can be semi framed or frameless with only wall clips visible. The doors swing in and out to make access to the shower easier.  Cleaning also was never easier.  Routinely using a squeegee to keep water spots at bay and a weekly cleaning using a small amount of vinegar in water with dish soap is all you need to keep the class sparkling clean.

Let us transform your bathroom – and then finish it off with a beautiful custom shower door!

Best wishes,

Anne Marie