The Importance of a Kitchen Pantry

kitchen organization jars

“The larder conjures up images of Downton Abbey and the Bronte Sisters, with the help shopping and storing all manor of foodstuffs to be ready to create any culinary dish “up stairs” may desire.” Although terminology has changed over the years, the necessity of pantry spaces has remained the same.

A well stocked pantry or cupboard inspires you to cook real food and to create culinary delights for your family. Who doesn’t love the memories of being in the kitchen with mom or grandma when she opened the pantry to pull out ingredients for homemade cinnamon rolls or that special birthday cake.

While many new homes do have a designated pantry space, there was a period of time when builders thought more of bringing the laundry room onto the first floor and in doing so, eliminated the need for food storage space. When remodeling those older homes or planning kitchens in new homes today, the focus on beautiful food cupboard space has once again set the tone for a well thought out kitchen.

organized pantry with drawers
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