The Importance of Outdoor Lighting

Fall is here!  Cooler temperatures, the beauty and variety of leaf colors, the sun rising earlier and an earlier evening.  One of the best seasons of the year!  

Along with that earlier evening time, it is a good time to evaluate the outdoor lighting for your home.  Not only will a good lighting plan mark the placement of the front door, it can also highlight architectural features and help with safety in navigating the path to your door.  Anne Marie Design Studio is here to help with some tips.

The photo to the left is a great example of a layered lighting for the house.  Using different types of electrical fixtures highlight different areas and create an additional layer of interest.  Hanging fixtures, wall mounts, and recessed ceiling fixtures are all important.


The next step is the landscape lighting, which includes illumination of walkways and stairs.  This is the step that many people leave out but is actually so important to creating not only a warm welcome but making sure that the walkway and stairs are easy to see and navigate.



Lighting for the walk can be accomplished

by using standing fixtures that also light the

landscaping or by installing lighting in the risers

or under the stair nosing.






Then finally there is lighting the greenscape.  By illuminating the special garden features of your home you significantly enhance the natural beauty and features of your home.


These foundational lighting features will give a great backdrop to the additional seasonal lighting you add to your home for those special occasions and holidays.




Let Anne Marie Design Studio help you choose the best types and styles of lighting for your home!


Best Wishes,  Anne Marie