Why Hire a Designer

Whether you’ve lived in a home for a number of years or your purchasing a new home, there are usually items that you would like to change. Maybe it’s an awkward kitchen layout with tired cabinetry and finishes or a cramped bathroom that has no storage and pink tile from the 50’s. All of us have areas of our homes that we just know can be better.

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A girl can get giddy looking at shelter magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, and of all the wonderful shows on HGTV. The possibilities of what can be done are endless. While you may have a great eye for interior design, when it comes to larger project, such as a kitchen or bath, hiring a professional designer is one of the smartest investments you will make.

When you hire a design professional, you not only get an experienced eye to make sure the finished project is beautiful, you also get someone who knows which other professional services may be required.

Whether you’re planning on moving a wall, opening up a ceiling, or need to update the electrical box, a designer not only can plan the space but has relationships with all of the professional people needed to make sure the work is done to maintain the integrity of the building structure and to code.

As a designer myself, I also make sure that the work is performed in the correct order with no delays to ensure the project stays on schedule. One thing l like to tell my clients is that remodeling can feel like death by a thousand cuts. It is my job to navigate all the particulars, from demolition to the finished project and there are endless products available in every aspect of a home remodel. I have researched the products that I carry to ensure the quality and finish will exceed my clients expectations.

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Your home serves as a sanctuary, where you build precious memories with your family, but it’s also your greatest asset. By hiring a designer your home will not only be well planned and functional, it will visually tell the unique story of your family.